Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oracle's Java 7 and the Matrix

The utmost crucial Java 7 release will no more be a responsibility of Sun as the new release will now be spearheaded by Oracle.

I got acquainted by the word Oracle even before I knew it's literal meaning, much earlier than I came to know of Java or Sun. The reason being the billboards in my country advertising courses for Oracle and that was during my 9th grade, back then I knew nothing worthy about computers or technologies related to it.

Since Oracle knows about the forthcoming matters, it should know that Java 7 is a major major step for the FUTURE of Java. But as with all releases, the hype of that very release decreases as the release date hovers near and the features start to diminish, one by one, JSRs declined, community frustrated, but then we always have the release, on time or off it, it doesn't matter and we have become used to it. Then we start hoping for the next release to turn out gold, revolutionizing things, optimism wins over reality.

With the success of many JVM based languages, Java's kingdom over it's own community attenuates.
Java 6 didn't bring out memorable changes and all eyes were set to Java 7, and when again before the release date (no sign yet) hopes started shattering, this acquisition gives it an all new twist. Oracle's Java 7 brings out an ocean of uncertainities. But these uncertainities are far more soothing than the less satisfactory facts that left us anticipating for yet another Java release.

Yet again, optimism wins and we hope that the Oracle knows better about Java's future.

I was just about to publish this post here, but then a thought occured, a wicked thought. Speaking of Oracle, I came to relating it (or the literal meaning of the company) to Matrix the movie's Oracle and Java as Neo :) It's not evil so far, in fact this is cool but going ahead we see that Neo eventually dies saving the world. Scared?
btw I am confused with establishing an anology with Agent Smith.....Microsoft?

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