Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sherlock Holmes on MSN

As you may already know about the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, casting the Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) as the detective himself and Jude Law as Dr. Watson, I'm pretty much excited about this adaption of my favorite literary character and the man of scientific methods - Sherlock Holmes.

The title of this blog also bear a reference of the residence of Mr. Holmes (221b Baker Street), a place I wish to visit some day. In fact, I've fancied myself to be like this great detective during my childhood and most part of my premature adulthood, my MSN Messenger's nick has been 'Sherlock Holmes' for more than 6 years, I've developed a role playing game named 'Sherlock Holmes in FAST', I am also the moderator of a group discussing topics relating to 'The Science of Deduction' and it goes on and on. I think my love is obvious.

Today I visited the promotion site for the much awaited movie hosted by MSN Arabia and was taken to a crashed page upon filling the registration form with incorrect DOB.

Click on the picture to see the enlarged error. You will see the
HarryPotter.reg.btnSubmit_Click method being used to handle the requests coming from a Sherlock Holmes page. This shows that CCP (Cut-Copy-Paste) is also a trend in Microsoft :-)

Can't tell why I posted this little blunder from MS. Maybe it has something to do with my affection with Holmes, or the negative emotions towards Microsoft, or maybe I just can't bear that Harry Potter's handler is receiving requests from a Sherlock Holmes page :P

(Disclaimer: I am not finished with posts related to Sherlock Holmes.)


  1. hehehe... I love you man... for your dedication... to the art... keep up the good stuff...

  2. thanks UTP, always love your appreciation..